Carbon Campaigns

Campaign Impacts

Climate Nashville has been a very active participant in statewide campaigns focused on reducing carbon in the TVA region. These campaigns – spearheaded by organizations such as the Sierra Club Beyond Coal Campaign and the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy have had significant impact. TVA has reduced its carbon output by 30% in recent years.

Current Campaign / Clean Car Petition

Our partners at Tennessee Interfaith Power and Light have asked our help on an important Clean Car Petition. Please consider signing and also forwarding.

  1. Vehicle emissions are now the number one source of climate changing greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S.
  2. The big automakers agreed back in 2012 to support efficiency goals that would put them on a good track to reduce emissions significantly by 2025.
  3. Now, some are continuing to say they will stay on that track (Ford, BMW, Honda, and Volkswagen), but GM, Toyota, and Fiat Chrysler are supporting Trump administration plans to reverse that progress.
  4. People of faith need to let the CEOs of those companies know, given the urgency of the climate crisis, that that backsliding is immoral and unacceptable.

Note: when you sign the petition, you will then be given an opportunity to donate to the national IPL organization. That is certainly an option because they do good work, but it is not necessary. You can just x out of that page, if you prefer not to make a donation.

Current Campaign / Reform the TVA

Impact the TVA 20-Year Plan

TVA is developing a 20-year energy plan for the region. Climate Nashville believes the plan should:

  1. Dramatically increase renewable energy in Tennessee
  2. Emphasize energy efficiency and conservation
  3. Protect people of modest means from high energy burdens
  4. Develop a Green Jobs strategy
  5. Listen to Nashville residents in developing the plan

Oppose the Proposed TVA Rate Structure

Last year TVA announced they plan to change the way electric bills are calculated by moving towards higher monthly fixed fees and lower usage rates for electricity. This reduces the incentive for homeowners and businesses to cut electric consumption with energy efficiency practices like adding insulation, programmable thermostats, and LED lighting, in addition to installing solar. Read the Knoxville News article describing the change.

You can help us by signing and sharing the petition against the proposed TVA rate change.

And in December 2017, TVA announced that their Green Power Providers Program will only pay a fixed rate for solar energy over the next 20 years. A fixed rate pre-determines the value of solar despite increases in electric rates over time. Read the Chattanooga Times article on TVA’s limited Solar Program.

Recent Campaign Highlights

February 2018

Tennesseans for Solar Choice - Climate Nashville is active in a new coalition formed by Southern Alliance for Clean Energy to bring much more renewable energy to the TVA region. For more information visit

December 2017

Over 200 people rallied and marched in the Green Hills Nashville neighborhood in support of staying in the Paris Climate Accord.

July 2017

September 2017

Climate Nashville co-hosted a Solar 101 Workshop with Lightwave Solar. Over 60 people attended.

July 2017

Climate Nashville co-hosted a public meeting with SOCM with a presentation by the Union of Concerned Scientist on extreme proposed cutbacks on Department of Energy Clean Energy and Development. Representatives then met with Senator Alexander’s staff. Alexander, who chaired the relevant budget committee, was instrumental in blocking these cutbacks in the proposed Senate budget.

April 2017

Climate Nashville was a core sponsor the Nashville March for Science and Climate. Over 4,000 people marched on a rainy Earth Day morning in support of science-based and carbon conscious policy!

April 2016

Climate Nashville urged Nashville Electric Service to initiate a Community Solar program. This was the focus of our Earth Day Booth. NES will soon be launching its first Community Solar project.

March-August 2016

Climate Nashville helped convene a group of low-income people to design a set of 10 principles for better low-income energy and weatherization programs. These principles were presented to TVA and to the Livable Nashville committee. This group will convene again in November 2017. It has been a joint partnership of Trinity Community Impact, the Nashville Chapter of Tennessee Interfaith Power and Light, and Creation Care Ministry, Tennessee Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.

April 2015

Climate Nashville was instrumental in bringing over 150 participants to attend a public hearing on TVA’s long term plan. Over 30 people testified in favor of increasing renewable energy and energy efficiency.